Conference "Call to unity: Glory of Christ"

Hala Stulecia
ul. Wystawowa 1
51-618 Wrocław

9-10 October 2010

15,00 EUR - pay on reception desk

One of IHOP leaders had a dream about Poland in 2008, in which God said that in order to do His work, our country would need two ingredients to start with: hope and unity.

Having been moved by this dream, we spent a considerable amount of time preaching on hope. We organized two conferences and prayed that God would fill Poland with His new hope. On the one hand we definitely don't think this is a closed subject, but on the other, we feel strongly that the time for making all Jesus' disciples as one has come.

The key to Christian unity is knowing and worshiping God, as Jesus Himself prayed in the Gospel of John.

His prayer at the Last Supper for the unity of His disciples and followers was invariably connected with glory - glory of the Father and glory of the Son, given to Him before the foundation of the world (J 17)

Giving God glory is the key to Christians' unity, therefore during the conference we will speak on glorifying Jesus and making all Church as one.

We need to understand that the lack of unity among the Body of Christ is a real stumbling block for unbelievers, and hinders them from seeing who God really is. It also makes it difficult to accept the image of Jesus as one who gave up all that He was and was therefore given all the honor by the Father, who had sent Him. 

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Daniel Lim Rev. Daniel Lim is currently serving as the CEO of the International House of Prayer Missions Base, a 24/7 night and day intercessory worship missions base located in Kansas City, Missouri USA. In the grace of God, the International House of Prayer has sustained perpetual live corporate intercession and worship for ten years through her 1500 staffs, interns and students.

Prior to his assignment in Kansas City, he served as a pastor and missionary in southeast Asia focusing on various pastoral, evangelism, church planting and mercy ministries. Daniel has been preaching and teaching in conferences, churches, universities and seminaries across the nations.

He is married to Levi Sap Nei Thang who also serves on the senior leadership team of IHOP Missions Base. The Lord blessed them with two children, Samuel and Emmanuel Lim. Emmanuel went home to be with Lord in 2008 while they were ministering in Myanmar.

Johannes Hartl - PhD in Catholic theology, the founder and leader of Augsburg House of Prayer in Germany (, where 17 full-time intercessory missionaries pray, together with multitudes of guests. Married to Jutta, with three kids. Johannes is a very popular speaker in Europe, full of zeal and practical at the same time, making his teachings and inspiring pleasure.