Title:Roman Catholics and Non-Denominational Christians
Description:Talk given in Rome: April 30, 2003

The sub-title of this talk could be Why We Must Meet?; or Why We Must Work Together? But maybe it is better expressed: Why We Need Each Other?
A first reason for our coming together could be the sheer size and scope of the non- denominational charismatic phenomenon in the world today.
The New International Dictionary of the Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements that Stan Burgess has edited gives a statistic of 295 million.
At the very least, there is need for those in the historic Churches, and not least in the Catholic Church, to pay attention to this phenomenon, to seek to find out what is happening, and then to understand it.
Such understanding needs to take place at various levels and within various disciplines.
Author(s):Father Peter Hocken
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