Title:The Restoration of the Church of the Circumcision
Description:Talk given by Peter Hocken to the Toward Jerusalem Council Two European Consultation in Vienna, February 2003

The vision of Toward Jerusalem Council Two is very simple. It is a vision for the coming together of the Jewish and Gentile elements in the one body of Messiah.
Earlier this year, TJCII published my booklet Toward Jerusalem Council II: The Vision and the Story.
The booklet has aroused some discussion, which is to be welcomed. But through this discussion, I have seen that I have not paid enough attention in the booklet to the concept of reconciliation, which is central to the vision received by Marty Waldman.
You can see how central reconciliation is for this vision from the "official" documents of TJCII, that are printed as appendices to the booklet.
In what I wrote, I focused as a Gentile Christian on recognition, the need for the Church in the nations to recognize the resurrected Jewish expression of the Church. My own focus on recognition neglected the role of the Jewish believers in the realization of the vision.
For reconciliation is a work of two parties. So in this talk and in the organisation of this Consultation, we have tried to correct this imbalance.
There is a task for the Gentile believers, and a task for the Jewish.
Author(s):Father Peter Hocken
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