Title:Azusa, Rome, and Zion
Description:Azusa, Rome, and Zion offers historical, theological, and spiritual reflections on major movements of the Holy Spirit in modern times. The author shows where the lived experience of these movements challenges received theological concepts and categories, and indicates how engagement with these challenges can contribute to Christian reconciliation and Christian unity.
Of particular interest are the surprising ways in which what appear at first sight to be new obstacles and points of division can in fact lead into deeper grasp of God's purposes for the body of Christ. Two chapters indicate the immense potential being opened up by the ministry of Pope Francis.
The title captures not just the place of Pentecostals, Catholics, and Jews, but a historical dynamic that reverses the original going out from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth.
Translated to
Published date:26.01.2016
Author(s):Father Peter Hocken
ISBN 10/13: 978-1498228343
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